Is Trainual the Best Employee Training App?

When you’re building a business, you need at least some employees. The number of employees that you’ll have depends largely on the scale of the business you’re starting. Even if you’re starting out with a small business you may need employees in the years to come. This is why an employee training tool is so important.

For years, entrepreneurs have been struggling with this part of the entrepreneurial process, which is hiring employees. When you’re starting out on a new venture it’s quite tough to find the right people. 

Employees play a great role in business. The employers will be looking after the tiniest details of your business. Which will be impossible for you to do alone. This is why sometimes it’s said that they play a greater role in maintaining your business than the owner himself. 

Then again, if you manage to get skilled employees, you’ll be able to hand the overall management of the business on their hands. This will allow you to take a break once in a while. And you can turn your entire business into a source of passive income. 

This is why we highly recommend getting a skilled staff. You won’t be able to recruit the best employees all the time. So, sometimes it’s necessary to employ people who have the potential of doing great. Then you can reshape them with some training. 

This brings us to training employees. No matter how skilled your staff is, they can always perform better with some polishing. You need to teach your staff new things constantly so they can cope up with the changes in the market. This is why it’s very important to provide ample training to your employees. 

For years, entrepreneurs have been searching for a platform that can help them by making these processes much easier. Trainual is such a platform. It allows you to bring all the policies, SOPs, procedures, and every process on one platform. 

Let’s talk about Trainual in detail, shall we?

Trainual Review

Trainual is essentially an employee training platform where you can store the processes, policies, and procedures of the training systems of your employees. It allows you to manage all of these with what they call a business playbook. 

What’s a Business Playbook?

A business playbook is a collection that contains all the policies, procedures, and processes of your business. In detail, the playbook contains all the information regarding how your business operates. It focuses on each and every element of your business like the funding, the goals, the achievements, and down to the role of each and every employee. 

A business playbook is often called an onboarding playbook, and even an employee playbook. A business playbook is an essential element for any business. Think of it as a user manual for a business. When you purchase some electronics, you always get a user manual that instructs you on how you can use that product to its fullest potential. 

In the same way, the business playbook is a user manual for your own business. It contains all the information that any employee would need to know about their roles and the business itself. It’ll also inform them about the roles of other employees in the business. 

So, it’ll help you as well as your employees understand your business better. Plus, as the business playbook will encompass all the different roles of your business, it will help every employee take over another’s role in times of need. 

However, there’s a catch.  A business playbook can never be permanent. Your business is dynamic, and so is the business playbook. You’ll need to keep it updated so that the playbook always reflects the present condition of your business. 

If your business playbook isn’t updated, then it will only misguide the employees of your business. This is why it’s very important to update it with every event to improve the employee training process. 

Do You Need to Build a Business Playbook?

It doesn’t matter what the scale and size of your business are. It also doesn’t depend on the industry you’re working on. If you have a business, having a business playbook can help you prosper. Having a business playbook will mean that you’ll be able to document all the rules and procedures of your business on the same platform. This will allow the employees to work more efficiently and more in accordance with the business policies that you’ve set. 

Without the business playbook, there will be times when the employees will face genuine confusion regarding their roles. For example, if a certain person is on a leave, then it’ll be hard for the others to fill up that position. Then again, if a certain new task pops up, there will be confusion regarding who will carry that out. 

How to Use Trainual to Your Advantage

There are two ways of getting started with Trainual. Once you sign up for their packages, you will get two options. You can either start from the scratch, or you can start with the documentation you already have. 

If you want to start from scratch, you can use different templates and the editors provided by Trainual to make the documentations as perfect as you want. You can create training manuals, SOPs, and other documents related to the policies and systems of your business. 

Then again, if you already have these documented, you can get started with Trainual right away. You can use the documents you have created by uploading them to Google Docs or any other service that’s listed in Trainual. Then again, you can add the outdated employee handbooks, and you can update them easily so that they stay updated all the time. 

This is definitely one of the best features of Trainual. You can update the employee handbooks very easily. In general, it’s very tough to update these on pen and paper, as you need to put in a lot of effort to do so. With Trainual, you can do all these very easily, and very fast. 

If you’re using another training app, you can switch to Trainual very easily. This is another amazing feature that you’ll definitely love. With this feature, you’ll be able to shift from any other training app easily. 

Now, Trainual is very easy to use as well. You can create a comprehensive employee playbook with it, but there’s more. You can create new content and add them to the playbook. What’s special about it is that you can display these additions to anyone you want, and you can hide it from others if you want. 

This will allow you to fine-tune which information reaches up to which employee, and this will surely help you keep only those updated who need to be. Then again, you can create categories where you can add certain users. By creating these categories, you’ll be able to send specific content to a lot of employees with the click of a button, and this will eliminate the arduous task of having to select each person manually. 

Then again, Trainual also offers an amazing training material builder. You can write texts, determine the spacing, the font, the color of the text, the size of the font, and everything you need from there. You can also add rich media files such as images, GIFs, and videos to make the material more valuable and interactive. 

By adding videos, you’ll be able to provide more value than you ever could with the texts alone. Then again, Trainual supports thousands of integrations. You can integrate a lot of third-party apps, and then you’ll be able to fine-tune the training manuals properly. 

Then again, you’ll find lots of templates that will allow you to create more immersive training manuals and a far better template. You’ll be able to use these templates directly or you can draw inspiration from them to create something on your own. 


Now comes the best part. You can get started and create your very first business playbook with the help of Trainual for $99 a month only. The Premium package comes with a price tag of $149 a month, and finally, there’s also the option of getting a custom quote from their sales team. 

With these options, you’ll be able to get a package to fit your needs no matter how big or small your business is. 

If you’re only starting out, we highly recommend starting with the Premium package first. The premium package offers everything the Pro package does, but you’ll get some features such as phone support and coaching as an extra. These can help you out in the beginning. 


Overall, Trainual is an amazing business playbook creator. With this tool, you can train and manage all of your employees from one place, so it’s very easy to use. If you’re looking for an app that can help you manage and train your employees, Trainual is what you really need. 

Still not sure if Trainual is right for you? No worries! Shoot me a message and let’s chat about it!