A solution for every problem!

Sounds a bit strange, right? Is it possible to find a solution for every problem? Well, you’re essentially going to have to solve the problems within a solution. Let us break it down for you. 

Perhaps you just started a business, and your clients are satisfied with the services or the goods provided to them. But what about all the problems that can arise in the foreseeable or near future? 

This is what we are dubbing as “solving problems of our solution.” 

This is a proactive approach through which an entrepreneur can stand out from the others with foresight and vision. Not to mention, your clients are likely to be much more satisfied.

Let us go through some examples so that you can understand the fundamental concept of what we are trying to convey!

Asking the right questions

Suppose you just started a car dealership in your neighborhood to make the customers’ commute a bit better and less time-consuming. But this creates a new dilemma of where to get the financing from. 

What about the servicing and tuning of the car? What if the vehicle needs new or spare parts? How many hours to wait at the DMV to get the original papers? What about the insurance of the car? Does the vehicle that you are going to buy have good resale value? Does the customer have sufficient space to park the car legally?

So, as you can see, a whole new array of problems will pop up in the customers’ minds when they buy the car. You may have solved the first problem for your client, but what about all the other issues that come after your initial solution?

Should you not bear some responsibilities for your clients after purchase problems? If you do, you will only help yourself build a strong and respectable reputation for yourself as a businessman, and it will serve you well in the long run.

Accepting that there will be hurdles

Another fine example can be a tech store that sells laptops, desktops, and many components for building a personalized computer. 

First, the vast range of available parts can be overwhelming for anybody. Many tech geeks sometimes get it wrong when it comes to deciding which processor goes with a certain graphics card, RAM, motherboard, etc. It is always a struggle to get the right combination for your PC. 

What if that PC does not have the application you want to run or does not support it? Or what to do when it is showing systemic or technical failures? What if it updates at the wrong time or crashes when our client needs it the most? Or what if it simply breaks down and just won’t start? It can also lag, and the frame rate may drop when potential customers play their favorite game. 

How about when we own a video streaming service account like Netflix, Hulu, Apple TV, Amazon prime video? 

What if our favorite sitcom is not there to make us laugh when we are feeling the lowest? It may not have that epic thriller that always keeps people on their edge. The most hyped new cop show may not yet come up on the home page. You may not be able to access your account in your free time. It may not always stream everything in full HD. The subtitles may not be available in your native language. You may not be able to share your account with your better half. The server may just be down!

It may sound a bit demoralizing, but the truth is that the possibilities for problems are just endless. So obviously, the client is going to face issues when he or she buys the product. To assist with all kinds of such problems is always going to be in the proprietor’s best interest to find and solve the solution for every problem.

Providing assurance to begin with

Maybe you just started a real estate business, and as a realtor, you are selling homes for commissions. But all the new residents in their new homes are just not happy to find themselves in a difficult position in the house.

One obvious problem is when they move in. They would have to find a new shop to buy groceries and find new schools for their children if their last home was too far away. They’ll also need a new designated physician for all medical and health-related issues. Of course, they are going to need new furniture and show-pieces for decoration purposes. They may need new plumbers and other workers for house-related problems. What about all the other new stuff from the last home? Saying that it’s a hassle is a significant understatement!

Again, you could be a graphics designer, and you may be offering your skills for money. With the help of apps like Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop, you can draw and create beautiful digital art. You can also edit pictures for the user’s satisfaction. 

However, with all the functions and the options at your disposal, it can be confusing. Users may not be able to make the best use of this application or software if they are not shown the correct way forward or do not receive proper guidance. 

This issue needs to be resolved, and one method can be for the developer to include all the necessary information in the manual. The best way forward could be to have video tutorials for the user to follow and learn. 

A consumer may not be able to access the software at all times as well. Assurance must be provided to him that they can always use the app whenever they wish. It may also make their device slow, buggy, and full of glitches. These are all issues that have to be addressed when we create a solution for every problem.

Always be on the lookout

Maybe you are a stockbroker. Your clients are profiting from their investments, but they don’t quite know how to cash it in. They may have difficulties with all the papers that one needs to show to cash in and sell their stocks. They may also have a hard time keeping track of their portfolio. 

All these issues need fixing after you initially provided them your services as a financial adviser. Information about the markets may not always be available to the clients as well. These obstacles can make the ordeal much more of a hassle after the first investment.

How about starting a bookstore on the block? Your clients need to know which of the books can be taken on a rental basis. What if they are too busy and the books need to be delivered to their houses? How can they know which books are in the store? What if they have found the book they are looking for, but it’s not the version they want? The book they bought could be damaged, or some pages could be missing in the book. In that case, they might want to return it. 

Again, one day, you put your culinary skills to the test by establishing a fine dining restaurant. But how can you make sure that the clients are delighted? What if they need the delivery services? Can your restaurant cater for a family event? Can your establishment host any family gatherings? What if the consumer needs the food ASAP? All of these questions are posed after you start your diner. 

Is there a separate smoking zone? This could be a concern in some people’s minds as well. Does the diner serve alcoholic drinks? For religious purposes, the customer may be concerned about the meat used to prepare the food as well.

Maybe you are an editor of a newspaper. How can the advertisers contact you for marketing purposes? The readers might want to subscribe to your paper’s daily subscription. In that case, they would like to know how to complete all the other formalities. What if somebody wants to tip you off about something that they know, saw, or heard. They have to find a way to keep their identity private while conveying that critical information to you for publishing purposes. Some readers may also feel that they are not getting adequate news about their interest in sports, international affairs, or financial markets.

These are just some of the scenarios where many other problems arise when we solve the initial problem. It’s important to understand that there will always be additional problems after you initially solved the first one for your customer. As a responsible service provider, you should always be on the lookout for this kind of situation. It would be best to work out how your consumers can be happy and how these future problems can be remedied. 

One’s approach to solving problems

When you are starting a business, you are trying to solve a problem – trying to make one’s life better. When the philosophy of your business is to help your customers, you will definitely stand out from the rest of the pack. It will show your dedication and commitment to your craft and your customer base. These extra efforts to weed out potential problems will give you an extra edge against your competition as well. You will be able to convince potential clients to choose you over everyone else. So, this is an added plus point for you in terms of marketing and PR too.  

You can use your website, Facebook page, Twitter, and other relevant social media sites to figure out all the problems that may arise and to show that you are willing to solve them. Your customer should have an easy way to interact with you and ask questions, and you should always be ready to do all that’s necessary to satisfy your client’s queries. You can arrange question-and-answer sessions regularly to continually get updated on your consumer demands.

This kind of activity is excellent for branding and promotional purposes, and for any business to thrive, it is always essential to have a clear message. Customers will automatically feel happy when they know that the seller or the service provider cares for them. They will always come back to you or refer their family or friends to you. 

The bottom line is that by undertaking such proactive actions, not only will the consumer get clarification about your operations as a business entity, but you will also be able to serve the customers better.

How to Solve the Problems?

I am passionate about helping you expand your business and subsequently increase your revenue. I’m always on the hunt for potential problems (and their solutions) so as to identify these points and try to make your products or services more marketable. I am always ready to extend my help to every business so that you may stand out from the rest of your competition. So, if you need someone to help brainstorm about creating this kind of content for your business, feel free to reach out to me!