Review: Best Social Media Management Tool?

Social media platforms have become one of the most powerful platforms for marketing. Social media allows people to connect to anyone at all corners of the world. What’s implied is that they also allow businesses to connect to their audience. It’s easier for businesses to reach people much easier, and much efficiently. But it takes so much time to manage it. So what do you do about it? Well, you must implement a management tool. And not any tool in the tool box will do. You need the best social media management tool to represent your business.

Even though it might seem that it’s easy to reach people through social media, it’s not. The increasing competition in the digital marketing space is exponential. A business must take a lot of steps to reach people successfully. 

Then again, reaching random people isn’t the core objective of a business. For instance, a billboard can’t determine whom the advertisement will reach. Where as you can target advertisements on social media very accurately. They call it micro targeting.

In essence, there’s a lot to learn, and there’s a lot to do when it comes to social media marketing. These actions can’t be completed without resorting to social media management tools. 

Social media management tools are great aids that simplify the overall process of social media management. These tools can be automated to post in bulk, post at a certain time, categorize content, etc. 

Today, we’re going to talk about one of the most promising social media management tools on the market. 

What Should You Look for in a Social Media Management Tool?

Before talking about SocialBee, let’s talk about the things that you can expect from a social media management tool. Then you’ll understand whether SocialBee is good for your business or not. And you’ll also be able to stack it up against the industry standard. 

If you’re running a social media page for your business, you’re essentially running more than one social media account. You’re running your account, plus the page for your business. Then again, people usually run pages on more than one social media platform.  

These tools allow a person to control and manage multiple social media accounts at a time. This not only makes posting easier, but it also makes the management process more efficient than ever. 

Your effort and time to use all the different social media accounts will vary depending on the tasks you perform. However, social media management tools don’t offer any pricing structure depending on the tasks you perform. You need to pay the same no matter what your posting activity is like. 

So if you’re running your business on a low budget, it’s pointless to invest in a social media management tool. On the other hand, if you’re running on a low budget but need to get a lot of things done, then getting a social media management tool can help you speed things up. 

General Overview of SocialBee

SocialBee was born from the idea of connecting all social media management tools. Before founding, the founding members were working on another project. Within that project they found that the different tools made for social media management don’t communicate with each other. 

You also need to tweak a lot of things manually for all the tools to work together. The basic idea of SocialBee is to eliminate the necessity of these actions. Using SocialBee, you’ll be able to use multiple social media management tools from one place, which is great. 

Since 2016, they’ve been developing their tool, and it’s growing ever since. 

Features of SocialBee

Bulk Editor

You can bring changes to multiple posts from one single stop at once, which is very convenient. This feature will allow you to add certain text, hashtags, or other elements to multiple posts at once. With this feature you’ll be able to save a lot of time and effort when editing your posts in bulk. 

Create a Variety of Posts

With this feature of SocialBee, you can create multiple variations of the same post. When you are short on content ideas you can utilize this. Thus you’ll be able to improve the variation of the content on your website without much effort. Then again, the automation of this tool will post different variations each time, which will make your feed look unique. 

Advanced Scheduling

You can schedule your post with a lot of social media management tools. What’s unique about SocialBee is that it allows you to schedule your posts according your parameters. For once, you can add certain posts to certain categories. You can set different times and dates for each category. 

This feature will help you target the audience very delicately. Before settling on a setting permanently, you need to see what type of post gets more views and interaction on a specific day. Slowly, you need to determine the best day for posting certain types of posts. Once you get the hang of this, you can gradually settle on a permanent setting. You’ll still need to be on the lookout and change the settings according to the change of audience behavior. 

Recycle Your Posts

If you’re completely out of ideas, then how about recycle old posts? However, it can be a toilsome process to find posts older than at least 6-7 months. Otherwise, the audience may be able to spot the recycling process easily. 

As you need to scroll back down to six months or even years, it can be tough to do this manually. With a social media management tool like SocialBee, you can automate this process. When posting something, you can determine whether that post will be repeated. If yes, you can also determine after how many days, months, or year, the post will be posted for the second, third, or fourth time. 

Share a Specific Category of Posts Only Once

There are many posts that you can post only once. For example, if you cover posts on the COVID-19 posts after this pandemic becomes extinct, it might not get as many reach and interaction as before. For such posts that are dependent heavily on time and location, you can create a separate category. 

Then, you can set the time frame for this category or categories. And you can make sure that these aren’t posted at inappropriate times. 

Post Differently on Different Pages

You can post on different pages with the same tool. However, if you post the same content from every page, it’ll look as if one page is copying from the other, and people will lose interest in all of them. 

There’s a solution for that too. You can create variations of certain content. By assigning SocialBee to post different variations of your content to different platforms. With this feature, you’ll be able to fine-tune your content for every type of platform. Which in turn will allow you to get the most out of every platform with great efficiency. 

Post Expiry

It’s a bad idea to keep the posts regarding a limited time offer. They can discourage the buyers who have missed the deadline of the sale. With SocialBee, you’ll be able to set an expiry date for the content you post. 

In this way, you can make sure that the posts regarding a limited time offer are visible as long as the offer is available. You can also promote a specific event, and make sure that the post is no longer clogging your feed once the event has come to pass. 

Ease of Using Hashtags

Hashtags are essential SEO elements for social media posts. However, it’s quite painstaking to type in all the hashtags individually. Then again, it’s easy to miss one or two. To avoid this, most people save hashtags in a word file and copy-paste them whenever necessary.

With SocialBee, you can save groups of hashtags and label them. This way you can use the suitable batch for a specific post. 

Concierge Service

I saved the best feature for the end. This truly is what sets SocialBee apart from its competition. The Concierge Services will give you access to your own dedicated Social Media Bee. I love the pun. They have many services listed on their site, from content writing to LinkedIn lead generation. They have designed a community to help small businesses with all their social admin tasks. All with very impressive prices. It’s this concierge service that shows how dedicated SocialBee is to creating a perfect social presence for any size business.


Other than these features I have shared, there are tons of other features. Such as Quuu integration, ability to import through pocket or CSV, integration with URL shortening tools and collaboration tools. Lastly, essential metrics that’ll help you understand how people are interacting to your business. 

The best part is you get most of these for a price as low as $19 a month! If you want the more advanced options you will pay $39 a month. And finally, the comprehensive package costs $79 a month. 

The pricing makes this tool even better and puts it at the top of my list of best social media management tool. So, should you try SocialBee? Yes, you definitely should!

Still not sure? Then let’s chat about your options and brainstorm what would work best for you and your business.