The Role of Algorithm in Our Lives

Don’t freak out when I tell you that every decision you make is being recorded and analyzed. Algorithms run everything we use today. Have you ever noticed that if you talk about a certain product with your friend Facebook offers you advertisements?

Yes, every action that you take is being recorded. The process through which these actions are analyzed is known as an algorithm. 

By the dictionary, an algorithm means a complex mathematical calculation that allows a computer to make the right decisions at the right moment. If the computers didn’t have this ability, you wouldn’t have found the things you search for on different web browsers. You wouldn’t have gotten appropriate YouTube or Facebook video recommendations. And you wouldn’t have gotten appropriate advertisements on Facebook and other social media platforms based on your text messages. 

There are a lot of conspiracy theories these algorithms are controlled by some evil masterminds. While this is a topic for a different blog post, these were created to make our lives easier. And that’s what they’re doing. 

Living Algorithms

Everything we talked about until now is the dictionary meaning and technical definition of an algorithm. However, there are other meanings of this word as well. Each of our lives is being controlled by a superior algorithm that we cannot deny. 

Every day, a lot of things happen to us that we didn’t anticipate. Then again, there are things that we can anticipate. This is because we can calculate only a handful of things that we face each day. Our brain helps us predict what might come next. 

Let’s say that you’ve come across a friend that you haven’t met in a while. You didn’t even anticipate meeting him, and he lives out of town. You can never predict such occurrences. 

However, even though these might seem to be completely random events, these aren’t. Perhaps that friend was visiting the town for a special reason, or simply for vacation. Even though these can’t be determined by a single person, they can be determined by a computer. Only if the computer has all the data on the lives of the people. However, someone will have to train the computer with appropriate mathematical calculation beforehand. And there must be some advanced program that can help the computer interpret these data and create a viable prediction model. 

Marketing Algorithm

By now, probably you’ve heard of the term digital marketing. The main goal is to make sure that a certain business is found when someone searches for them. 

Now, this might seem fairly easy at first, but in reality, it isn’t. The digital marketers must take some steps to make sure that that specific page is found on the search results. 

To do this, they need to take certain steps. Now, these steps depend on the requirements of the search engine. For example, let’s talk about Google only because I love Google. You can be sure adding valuable video content to a web page can increase the ranking of that page. 

Like this, there are other processes of making a certain website or a page that reaches more people. For example, if it’s about web content, then the digital marketers put few words strategically into the content. If the content is about digital marketing, they need to focus on keywords with which users may search for such content. 

For example, you can use a phrase like “What is digital marketing?”. Strategically it’ll be easier for the users to find this content as the search algorithm will pick this up easily. 

Then again, a person can add more keywords such as ‘digital marketing’, ‘SEO’, etc. to make ensure that it reaches the people who search for these terms. 

Real World Algorithm

In the same way, you can imagine an algorithm that’s running the real world as well. From our birth, we all strive to be successful. However, not all of us end up being where we dream to be. Not all of us end up achieving what we want to achieve. 

However, this doesn’t mean that it’s completely impossible to make your dreams become reality. There are thousands of people who have taught us that if we chase our dreams if we make our dreams our sole target, we will be able to make them come true one day. 

This works. Some people work day and night, but all the efforts that they can afford, behind their dreams. And in most cases, these people get to turn their dreams into reality. If they fail to do so, they try again. They try harder until they can reach what they were aiming for. 

These people who put in the effort, are the ones who succeed. On the other hand, those who only keep on dreaming but do nothing to chase that dream, only end up as a failure. If we look closely, we can understand that our real-world acts more or less like the cyber world that we’ve built. 

If you work hard enough, and if you’re strategic and smart enough, then one day you will be able to reach the goal you had in your mind. Just like it takes a lot of time to rank on a search engine, it will take a lot of time for you to reach the point where your dreams are nothing but reality. 

The algorithm of the real world also believes in equality, just like the algorithm of the cyber world. It doesn’t matter where you’re from. As long as you put enough effort behind achieving a certain goal, you will be able to reach it. 

Cyber World

In the cyber world, it’s all the same. It doesn’t matter if you own a huge corporation offline. Unless you take the necessary steps for optimizing your website according to the requirements your website won’t rank. If you fail to do so people won’t be able to reach your website. Which in turn will be detrimental to your purpose. 

As you can see, the algorithm that we know about in the cyber world exists in our physical and real-world as well. However, it’s not as evident as the algorithm of the cyber world. Once we grow up and start taking our lives into our own hands, seldom do people tell us what to do. This is because most people are also swimming in a lake of confusion. 

The people who can open their eyes, see beyond what the other people are seeing, can assess the requirements of the world, and can implement those strategically, will be able to reach their dreams. 

They say that there’s no shortcut to success, and we couldn’t help but agree with that. If you want to achieve something in your life, you need to overlook the distraction that you’ll face in life. There will be a lot of things standing between you and your dreams, and it’s far easier to just give up than go forward. 

At these moments, if you can hold onto them, and if you can progress strategically and smartly, only then will you be able to achieve what you always wanted to. 


The algorithm that controls cyberspace is also pre-dominant in the real world, but it’s far more advanced, and it’s completely automatic. Every one of us takes innumerable actions every day, and the algorithm takes all of those into account. 

All of our actions affect one another. However, if someone works hard and gives his or her best, then that person will surely triumph over the others. 

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