Why Outgrow Is The #1 Platform for Interactive Calculations and Quizzes

Whether you plan on creating a website, online portal, content, business, or want to expand your established ones, you need a continuous flow of visitors, customers, and sales. The question is, how do you get them? Easy. Make them interact with Outgrow quizzes.

A typical sales force’s scenario is, you look for interested people, aka leads on social media platforms, website visitors, start cold calling, build a prospect list, and approach everyone on the list following the same speech. Woah, that is a mouth full! And a lot of work… and you don’t know whether it will work or not. 

What if there is something by which you get more specific and personalized information about interested people? Okay, let us introduce you to Outgrow, the #1 platform for interactive calculations and quizzes.

Now let me explain why I love Outgrow, why they are #1, and why do you needs this tool?

What Is Lead Conversion and Why Is This So Important?

Business sales work as a funnel, with leads being the 1st component. Before going to lead conversion, you must know what a lead is. 


A lead is someone who has shown some kind of interest in the service or product you are selling. So how do you know someone is interested? Okay, if someone is interested, he/she might have visited your website, checked you out on social media platforms, looking for a product similar to yours, or told someone (one of your potential customers) about their interest. Lead is the primary thing to look for in any business or website. 

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Lead Conversion

Once you know your leads, now the question is what you do with them? In any kind of sale, small or big, how you approach the leads makes all the difference for a deal to be successful. 

So lead conversion is nothing but moving your leads up in your sales funnel. You know that person is interested in your service, so call them, email them, and if they qualify, you add them to your prospect list and work on it until the deal is closed. And if they are happy with your service, they can be your promoters too! So, it depends on you or your sales team. 

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Lead Conversion Rate

And while converting leads, it is also important to keep track of your conversion rates. Most businesses keep the numbers but not the rates. But here is what happens when you only score the numbers. 

Say you successfully converted 300 leads into opportunities. Okay, that’s a significant number. However, you are ignoring the number you failed to convert. That number is vital because you did spend a great deal of money, time, and effort on pursuing them. 

Also, when calculating revenue, you see the expenditure is vast, which shouldn’t have been for this number of conversions. Having a conversion matrix also helps to know your efficiency and which works best for your business.

What Is Outgrow?

Outgrow is an online platform to help you improve your conversion rates. While there are tons of online agencies (like mine ?) , list building services, and specialized marketing companies to generate quality leads, Outgrow stands out as the best quiz platform among them all! 

Why is Outgrow the best?

Well, Outgrow uses interactive quizzes and calculations, which are hard to ignore for someone who has the tiniest interest in your product. And Outgrow quizzes perform better than any advertisement, blog post, and content, which mostly get lost in Google’s traffic despite your best effort. 

Outgrow works best for generating quality leads because they focus on personalization and knowing more about the customer. And they provide you with personalized information about the leads to help you understand the public demand and evaluate your service. 

Not just that, outgrow has a lot of interactive calculators to calculate your return on investment, conversion rates, how much you are spending on ads, the rate of your email being opened, and more. So, it’s a no brainer to check out Outgrow

What Are Interactive Calculations and Quizzes?

Have you ever answered any quizzes while trying to find the ideal diet or weight loss plan? Or answered some questions to estimate the cost of building an app or buying a car or a house? 

You probably have. And these are called interactive quizzes. And these are the simple tools by which you keep the visitors engaged. 

Besides interactive quizzes and calculators, there can be chat bots, surveys, polls, and anything that keeps your customer engaged. And trust us when we say these interactive tools can increase your sales conversion rate up to 30%! Outgrow has proven it!

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Why Outgrow Is The #1 Platform for Interactive Calculations and Quizzes?

Now that you know what interactive calculations and quizzes are, and also understand what Outgrow is, let’s now discuss why Outgrow is the best at what it does.

Looking at all the tools and features Outgrow offers, you might think it’s going to cost a lot of money and may require a lot of complex programming that is beyond your comprehension. 

And actually, it is costly to skip the opportunity to utilize the Outgrow platform. The cost alone to hire custom coders for creating customized and personalized tools is mind boggling.

Surprisingly, the fantastic online platform Outgrow offers can be had for a very affordable cost. So any small creators can gain prospects with Outgrow

And Outgrow has no programming. Creating something of your own is super easy! 

This is why Outgrow is the number one platform for creating interactive quizzes and calculators. 

Do You Need Outgrow?

Suppose you are a nutritionist and have a website with your contact information, what service you provide, your cost, and so many other things. You may have some blog posts too. Now think about it, if you required a diet-related consultation, would you read the very long articles? 

The simple answer is no; you wouldn’t. But what if instead of writing about yourself on your website’s landing page, you offered some quizzes like “Wanna know your body type?” or “See how can I save some of your weight loss struggles.” 

We bet anyone searching for some kind of diet suggestion cannot help answering all those quizzes, and you end up getting what you need. That is how Outgrow interactive quizzes and calculators work. 

And you are sure to get more quality leads, and your conversion rate is sure to outgrow with Outgrow.

Instead of wasting so much time on those leads who are not even sure of what they want, you get all those leads with whom you have a higher chance of closing a deal. 

Not only that, but you will also get personalization information about the lead, which makes it easier for you to approach him/her.

So why shoot in the dark when you can have a clear target in front of you. 

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What Services Does Outgrow Provide?

Well, they let you create your own set of questions without any programming. And they have fantastic support too! You will always find someone to help you out. 

Along with engaging quizzes, they also help you create polls, calculators, personalized recommendations, and chatbots. Their built-in analytics also enables you to categorize your prospects according to the lead’s personalized information and integrate with your Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Moreover, they use a lot of templates, fully optimized, and compatible with mobile and computers. The templates or your landing page will be connected to social media platforms, mobile apps, and emails. 

Outgrow also ensures that a visitor is committed to your service by getting their contact info like email after an engaging quiz session. 

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How Can Outgrow Grow Your Business? 

You see a lot of your sales team’s time and energy is put into generating quality leads as it is the key to any successful business. 

However, it is tough to reach out to those who really need you in this digital marketing era. It’s not uncommon for good content to get lost in SEO traffic. So how do you stand out? 

Make your marketing more about knowing your customers rather than just talking about yourself. So low and behold, it is not about you; it is about knowing your customer. 

Outgrow offers you highly customizable questions that not only give you quality leads but lure others as well. It attracts your customers as they see you prioritize their needs instead of just telling them that your service is the best. 

If you say more precisely, Outgrow not only increases your conversion rates but increases social shares and backlinks as well. You will also see your website or pages bounce rates decrease significantly.

Final Words 

Outgrow is the way to stand out in this marketing age and increase your traffic. I can’t say enough great words about about this #1 platform for online quizzes and calculators. 

Do you want to chat about the interactive quiz ideas you have? I would love to chat! Just shoot me a message!