Review: A Better Alternative to Zoom

Since the pandemic broke out, Zoom has gained immense popularity. Students, teachers, employees, businessmen, literally everyone who has to communicate to others in some way use Zoom. Even though Zoom has gained immense popularity, that doesn’t mean that it’s the best out there. 

Some amazing platforms are even better than Zoom. Today, I’m going to review one of these platforms, and it’s called vs. Zoom

Zoom, a widely used video collaboration tool, started in 2011 by a lead engineer from Cisco Systems. Since then, Zoom has been quite popular amongst those who needed conducting webinars, online classes, and online video collaborations. 

Then again, there’s started its journey in 2016, and it’s been on the rise since then. Even though isn’t progressing as fast as Zoom, it surely has more trusted clients due to the presence of some amazing features that it provides over Zoom. 

In this section, I’ll talk about the features of both and Zoom to put a direct comparison between them. Before that, let’s look at the features that you’ll get from both Zoom and

Things that You’ll Get from Both Zoom and

Both Zoom and allows the users to start webinars on-demand. You can also use the chat and poll options from both of these platforms. These are great features for making the webinar more interactive, and it’s great to have this feature from both of these platforms. 

The admin can also moderate the rooms from both of these platforms. This will allow the admins to control who can join, make someone leave the webinar, toggle someone’s mic and video on and off, and they also allow the admins to highlight someone’s video. These added features make the task of the admin much easier, which is great. 

Both of these platforms allow users to use their webcams or phone camera to show their faces, which is great. Another handy feature is that both of them support screen sharing. Through screen sharing, users can display their screens, which makes it easier to display presentations and various digital projects easily. 

Another great feature that both Zoom and offer is that they allow you to join the webinars through your phone. If you don’t have any mobile data, you can always dial-in through your phone number, which we found extremely convenient. 

Then again, you can expect some super convenient features from both of these platforms. There’s a feature that allows you to automate webinars on both these platforms. You can also provide smart forms to those who attend, and there’s also a feature that allows you to create registration pages. 

All of these are amazing features, and we found them extremely beneficial as they allow you to gather useful information quickly and easily. You can also trace the source of the registration, which makes these platforms very secure. 

Now that you know the similarities between Zoom and, you might think that both of them offer all the features that you truly need, and there’s no need for you to bother changing the platform. Here’s the thing. You won’t know what you’re missing out using Zoom until you read the next segment of this article. 

Let’s look at the differences between Zoom and, shall I?

Differences between Zoom and

The Need for a Downloadable Platform

When it comes to Zoom, you need to download their official app on your mobile phone or computer before you can use it. They do offer a website browser platform, but that will nag you to download the app continuously. 

While this may seem appropriate to some extent, this can cause a lot of serious issues. For starters, you won’t be able to use Zoom on any device. Many devices ask you to give special permission for downloading a certain unrecognized app, and it’ll get tricky for you to download Zoom on those devices. 

What happens when you can’t download Zoom? Well, you’ll just have to use another device, which is extremely painful. It can leave you completely helpless if you don’t have any other device at hand. Then again, you might not believe this, but it’s not recommended to download third-party software when attending a webinar from a B2B configuration.

Then again, let’s assume that you need to access Zoom right away to join an important webinar. If you don’t already have that app downloaded to the device you’re using, then you need to download it before you can join that webinar. 

This creates added complexity that you can easily avoid with How? You don’t need to download any app or software, as is completely website based. As it’s website based, you can use it from any device at any time, without the hassle of downloading it, and without the hassle of bypassing it through security measures. 

This is one of the many features that make a much better platform than Zoom. 

Advanced Automation

Other than a platform for hosting webinars, offers some amazing marketing tools as well. You can send out emails to the people who register for your newsletter, and you can automate this process. 

The marketing tool provided by isn’t one of those that allows you to send out plain and blunt emails, but it’s something that’ll let you make your emails interesting and attractive. So, other than sending out plain old sales emails, you can send emails that people will like. 

Add Smart Forms

While Zoom will allow you to take surveys and votes, those are far from serving as forms. With, you can create smart forms that’ll help you gain the knowledge and insight you’re looking for. 

This is another hint that led us to believe that was built keeping marketers in mind. Before you hand out the smart forms, you can edit these to insert the forms that will get you the information that you need only. 

Once the information is filled, it will automatically be updated to the personal database. Using this information, you can determine different needs, create newsletters, and more!

This is another amazing feature why I recommend over Zoom. 

Different Metrics that’ll Help You Gain Marketing Insights not only offers different marketing tools, but it also helps you use those tools to the fullest. will offer you all the basic information that you need to understand how your business is doing. For example, you’ll get important information such as data on all participants, the ratio of participants to registrations, etc.

All of this information will be neatly arranged in graphs and charts, and you’ll be able to understand how your business is doing very easily. In this way, you can always determine what’s working for you and what’s not, and you can also determine how you can get better leads, which community to target more, etc. 

Overall, I think this is an essential feature that you need if you’re a marketer or a trainer, as you’ll be benefited greatly from these insights. 

Great Customizability

This is one of the best features that offers over Zoom. Unlike Zoom, where everything is limited, allows you to create webinar landing pages, and you can add custom codes to those pages so that suit your needs better.

This feature completely caught us off guard, and I love how they added so many options for customizability on this platform. This is another proof that is better than Zoom. 


Pricing is one of the most important features to look into when considering any software. Let’s see how they stack up against each other in this case. 

As we’re talking about two platforms that allow you to host webinars, we’re going to compare their prices for the webinar features only. 

In Zoom, you can use their free version which is quite limited, or you can pay for their monthly subscriptions. The price for these will increase depending on the attendees. For 100 attendees, you need to pay $40, for 1000 attendees, you need to pay $340. 

On the other hand, you can get the premium version of for €99 only, whereas you need to pay another €199 for 1000 attendees. As you can see, the pricing is more or less the same. However, you’ll be getting a lot of more marketing tools and other features that’ll help you gather information, analyze them, and take proper steps to boost your business. 


In my opinion, is far better than Zoom, especially in terms of marketing. If you’re selling something or promoting something, hosting webinars, then is the one you should go for. 

While some people may debate that isn’t used by many, they should remember that you don’t need to download it to use, so it won’t become inconvenient in any way. 

There are many features to that you can benefit from, so I highly recommend using it over Zoom. What do you think?