The Importance of Having A Great Team

Employees want to be part of a great team. They want to do great things but they are still human so they have emotions, ambitions and goals of their own. For them to put those aside to focus on what you want them to do is very respectful and something that cannot be forgotten.

First things first, you wouldn’t be where you are today without an awesome team. So congratulate yourself on picking great people to work with.

Second thing and most importantly, your team is your children and the businesses your spouse. So you must create a clear path for your employees to learn and prosper just like a parent would for their children.

Teams without a clear and well communicated definition of purpose will typically not align themselves for success. 


How do you do it? You have to create a system which allows your employees to do great things but at the same time not intrude on their personal time. For example, you wouldn’t want a boss calling you on your day off asking about some tedious task. So you shouldn’t do this to your employees. Also, this is not an effective way to grow seamlessly.

Documenting the employee process is one of the most difficult and timely things to do but if you do it really well once you never have to do it again. All you have to do is maintain the process and update it as you go.

So what does this team process look like?

Well, you have to build it so it’s almost impossible to make a human error. When that human error does happen it is caught and brought to your attention so your team can figure out a solution so it won’t happen again.

Not having the right tools, authority, and equipment will lead to a dip in the team morale and their commitment will also ultimately start waning.

You want to give your employees all the tools to be the best they can be. For example, if your employee makes a mistake and there was no documentation to back up what the process was. Then the mistake is actually on you. A lot of business owners make the mistake of blaming the employee. But it’s not the employee’s job to memorize the business process. It’s the owner’s job to make sure it’s documented so when the mistake does happen.

This sounds like a lot of work. But don’t be afraid, there are a lot of software applications on the market to help you streamline this process.

“I like to personally train my employees because doing it in an automated way does not seem personable to me.”

Well I agree, that’s how it has been in the past. But if the employee is not going to get a documented process from your company then they’re definitely going to get it from the next company they work with. Employees these days are expecting it. They like to know their boundaries within the team. It’s what they can do, what they can’t do and what they have to do written down in layman terms.

In today’s modern world, traditional methods of training aren’t as effective at engaging workers. To stay competitive and spread knowledge, organizations must turn to automation.

So even if you want to personally onboard every employee that comes through your doors you could totally do it. Although, it is important to still document the process. Because even if you verbally help them and hold their hand, (which is costing you a ton of money) you are still setting them up for failure because you’re requiring them to memorize your whole process. That’s not what you hired them for. You hired them to be an extremely valuable asset to your team. If you require them to memorize your whole process then that asset becomes less valuable because they cannot fully focus on it since they’re trying to memorize and keep tabs on your process as it changes.

One last example I give you is from a book that I really love called “Why Most Businesses Don’t Work And What To Do About It”. (FREE BOOK DOWNLOAD HERE) This book showcases the idea of creating your business from scratch with the mindset you have thousands of employees. This mentality will get you to create a documentation process and evolve it as your business evolves.

The documented process becomes your company Bible

You live and die by this Bible. I call it a Bible because once you document your process the way you want it you can turn people into believers and followers of your business.

Documenting the process is a truly creative process because you can do it in a million different ways. Once the creativity is on paper for your whole team to live by, it will surprisingly open up your schedule to focus more on growing the business.

I love creating this document process. If you want to chat about how to get started or if you interested in honing your process to be an amazing Bible, shoot me an email and we’ll brainstorm how to get your process to be the best it can be!