5 Ways to Improve Your Customer Engagement

Businesses have so many tools to connect to customers. How well do you think you have achieved customer engagement?

Let’s have fun with this and think about each chess move as a way to engage your customers. Visualizing the next steps and blocking all their objections is your goal to exceptional customer engagement. 

Whenever you play a game of chess, there are endless possibilities of how you could play. The content you publish is somewhat similar to the game as it moves from one point to the other through the internet. Usually, a game of chess ends in under 10 moves if you have a really good competitor. If you have a competitor who is equally good as you are, there could be about 20-35 moves before the game ends. But the longer a game takes to win, the more exciting, rewarding, and engaging the game is. 

The long game of chess you play on a daily basis with your customers in order to establish loyal relationships will create advocates for life.  

The Basics

How correct is your customer engagement depends on how easy it is for them to reach out to you. Now, you have to decide if your team has a good enough strategy so that the game lasts longer. The quicker you finish off, the worse off your engagement is – applies for anything. In order for you to improve your customer engagement, you really have to offer help and support to your customers. Connect with them to an emotional level and be available whenever they need you, instead of focusing on making a quick sell. 

For example, let’s think of a customer you want to connect with to make a sale. Make an approach to connect with them at a personal level. Just ask them about how their day was or if they have plans coming in the future so that you can be prepared to support them. This is something businesses fail to realize even today. This makes a customer feel so special. It almost makes a customer feel as if the business is confident to handle all their concerns. 

Who doesn’t love attention? Who doesn’t like to be listened to? As an enterprise, you could provide such comforting gestures to potential or loyal customers so that you can convert them into an important ambassador for your business.

Just stay clear of typical questions such as how did you hear about us? Or, things like, did you enjoy our service? The most revolting thing you could ask a customer is to refer your services to their friends and family. Yes, this does bring possibilities, but barely. This is because such questions are boring and do not differentiate your enterprise from any other business. 

The Moves that matter

The way you connect to your customers this way is a valued connection. It builds trust and dependency over time. It is amazing to see that it does not really matter what you sell anymore, as everything falls in place after you truly build a connection with potential buyers. Your customers will share things that they would not usually share with anyone else. Good ol’ fashioned thank you cards goes a long way.

The best part is, whenever you make a mistake, it is so much easier to reel back customers and have them believe that the error was just an accident. The emphasis should be mostly placed on talking to customers about their lives and asking them if you could assist them with any problem. This will develop a long-term relationship. The roads to repeat business will be paved, and they will buy anything that you could sell today, tomorrow, and thereafter. 

Therefore, the interaction between you and the customer is similar to chess. Bear in mind there are tons of moves that you could make before you actually lose. So your primary goal is to compile a list of open-ended questions and instruct them to follow procedures that are most comfortable for them. This will give them a feeling that they have made a friend in just a few minutes and build that much needed customer engagement. 

Experiment with your System 

You still have to be sure about the questions you are asking. If you are not 100% confident about it, you can do something about that.

First, make a column for questions about your service or product. Then make another column for questions that relate to customer perspectives. Then, try and figure out the questions you already ask your customers and put them down on your perspective column. If the columns are of equal length, then you are engaging customers pretty well. If they don’t, it means that there is more to be done. Your team needs to be trained enough so that they talk more about the person and less about the value offering. 

If your business can truly achieve this feat, you can literally sell anything. You’ll be very competitive even in the highest competitive markets as businesses thrive in such customer bonding. We sometimes forget about making such connections as we slowly move to online communication platforms. 

Therefore, the amount you’ll achieve by exercising such communication at a deeper level will truly enhance the level of engagement you have with your customers. It is better to stand out than being any other business in the haystack. For example, using old strategies to retain or acquire new customers is already overdone, and people are looking for something that is a little more unorthodox. They really want to be surprised. Luckily there are modern strategies that create such an experience, which you will read below. 

The Contemporary Approach to Customer Engagement

Social media rose to new levels. It is accessible by anyone, and this also means that your customers are more dynamic than ever before. Information will be available to them at any time and at any place. This amplifies their independence in decision making which was not the case before the internet was available on a hand-held device. Therefore, your enterprise has to keep up with a fast-changing consumer base and preferences. 

The key to successful customer engagement is, first of all, having them onboard. You have to remember that people are quicker to decide and a lot smarter thanks to internet access and the growth of social media platforms. Therefore, you have to convert your audience into paying customers in the long-run, and there are some special strategies that might help you do that. 

1. Customer Love Surprises

This is all about making your customer feel special. This has to be very unexpected, something you usually do not do. 

You could send personalized emails to your visitors. Or call them instead to ask them about how their day was or how you can be useful. Gifts also go a long way, which could really delight a visitor, such as a free eBook, tips, advice, counseling, and journals. To really engage a few customers who show great interest, you can even offer them paid programs free of charge to a satisfactory duration. This will help increase your visibility as they spread word-of-mouth about your value offering. 

You can do all these by setting up well designed pop-up windows so that customers can take prompt actions. This works like magic as it draws your visitors into a conversion funnel. This is an effective strategy used to increase customer engagement, and it is used by a lot of popular websites today. However, in order to achieve the highest response, it’s critical to use a proper pop-up builder.

2. Crowdsourcing

This is a traditional method of the customer engagement strategy. This is all about gathering as much data as possible about your audience from several external and internal sources. The reason for this is to come up with solutions to the different problems people are facing. 

This is as simple as arranging a poll on your website and asking visitors to participate. You can also arrange for a survey to be posted that could relate to the solutions your visitors are looking for. So, you might ask yourself what else you can do?

You can ask your customers to share the solutions they expect. This, after you have shared product development plans publicly and ask for tips from your audience. You can make the experience a lot more engaging by making the process lengthier by keeping the campaigns live more weeks, months, or quarters. 

This gives the customer a sense of being strong. When you invite your customers to a sales funnel through subscription or signups, customers will definitely proceed. This is one of the most preferred customer engagement strategies that you can use any time.

3. Making Customer Happy

A happy customer leads to more customers. As per the surveys conducted by the White House Office of Consumer Affairs, a satisfied customer will share their experience with at least 5 to 6 people. Satisfied customers amplify your conversion rates, and this is how you can do it.

  • You have to respect customers of all social status, background, geo, and language. 
  • Listen to your customers and then reply
  • Express yourself professionally and make customers feel as if there is your partner
  • Be transparent about the information that customers are supposed to know before they pay you for something
  • You may offer a gift, vouchers, or discounts to pass on a little saving to your customer.

4. Offer real-time support to customers

Letting your customers go empty-handed is bad for business. The average conversion rate of a landing page is approximately 2.35%. This means that most visitors back out before even entering the sales funnel.

In order for you to maximize the conversion rate, you must work towards 100% traffic volumes. Moreover, make sure that your visitors are getting something out of your website when they just view the landing page. Furthermore, be sure to thank your visitors, as such gestures are worth millions. You can also track how your visitors behave on your website so that you can show content according to their tastes and preferences. 

Offering free eBooks, tips, and checklists are also a plus, as it makes them feel that their visit to your website was worthwhile. 

5. Create your Customer Engagement Community

You are limited by rules and regulations when you are working at someone’s platform or community. Admins of online groups and platforms will deter you from drawing financial or social rewards if you do not benefit them first. It could be really costly to do so. 

Therefore, if you can create your own community or a group on a social media platform like Facebook. This will add a huge advantage to your engagement strategies as you will not be limited to any third-party constraints. However, your group of the audience must relate to your target market so that you can keep acquiring customers from the same background. 

But, you have to work in moderation so that your group does not lose its purpose. Spamming, creating fake accounts to invite members, and to connect with people should be especially avoided as it may create a bad image for your business. 

Further down the line, you can connect with admins from other groups and seek help. If you think that you have contributed to a group, you can, therefore, ask for their assistance in getting members to your page. 

You also need to be patient if you plan on growing organically. Your growth rate may not be very significant, but you will definitely have authentic group members who could refer you to many more. You can also offer people exclusive services if they send invitations to all of their social media connections to join your group. This is how you have to use a network to grow organically and exponentially. 

Final Thoughts

Customer conversion is all about how you engage your customers. Your goods and services could be the best out there and unmatched by your competitors. However, if your customers do not trust you, do not depend on you, do not know who you are, or are unaware of how you could be reached, you cannot go very far. This is why you must adopt creative marketing strategies to help you engage more with customers. It’s all about creating a social bond and generating everlasting interest in you first, then the product or service.