Ultimate Guide to Building Strong Customer Relationships

A study has shown that 5% increase in customer retention rate can cause a company’s profit to increase from 25% to 95%. Also, on a survey, 79% customers said that they want to purchase products or services from brands that understand their needs and show them that they are valued. These statistics simply go toContinue reading “Ultimate Guide to Building Strong Customer Relationships”

Tips to Hot Branding Your Business

What is branding? How does branding work? How do you create your business into a brand? These are questions that would be going through your mind as a small business owner. Branding is basically the procedure of creating an identity of your product or company through the means of logo, symbol, tagline, image, etc. ItContinue reading “Tips to Hot Branding Your Business”

A solution for every problem!

Sounds a bit strange, right? Is it possible to find a solution for every problem? Well, you’re essentially going to have to solve problems within a solution. Let us break it down for you.  Perhaps you just started a business, and your clients are satisfied with the services or the goods provided to them. ButContinue reading “A solution for every problem!”

How often should you market your business?

Marketing is a black hole. You can spend as much or as little as you want on marketing. At the end of the day, ROI is the only thing that matters. No matter the circumstances a good rule is to spend one whole day, once a week, on marketing. The main thing to remember whenContinue reading “How often should you market your business?”

Mastering the Customer Journey

Making it in the modern business landscape is becoming more and more challenging. To keep up with the growing competition, you’ll have to adapt to the modern techniques of conversion. In other words, you’ll have to invest a significant amount of time and effort into personalizing your customer journey. Gone are the days of blindingContinue reading “Mastering the Customer Journey”