The lowdown on business intelligence tools

Businesses of all sorts have been running on the same planning and development principles for the longest time. The outdated way of running a business does not only cost money, but also its accuracy and effectiveness cannot be guaranteed. This is why a whole new revolution or business intelligence software is taking the business worldContinue reading “The lowdown on business intelligence tools”

Charge what you are worth

I know “Charge What You Are Worth” sounds more like an ideology. All the dedication and troubles you went through to achieve the expertise today is not something to be toyed with. When you charge less it can belittle your services. On the flip side, charging too much raises questions about your ethics.  Have you heard theContinue reading “Charge what you are worth”

The benefits of Automating Business Tasks

22% of businesses today do not have workflow automation. If we look around we can see applications of automation everywhere. One of the oldest forms of such a diverse topic is voicemail. A technical breakthrough about 40 years ago. Now we take voicemail for granted. However, automation in communications and interactions is now in everyContinue reading “The benefits of Automating Business Tasks”

Is Bambee the Best Human Resource Service?

As the business world is progressing, there is now so much focus on engaging with customers and catering to their needs. Many businesses forget to pay attention to their employees in the process. But ensuring the well-being of employees is equally important for the growth of a business. That’s where Bambee stands out as the bestContinue reading “Is Bambee the Best Human Resource Service?”

Why Outgrow Is The #1 Platform for Interactive Calculations and Quizzes

Whether you plan on creating a website, online portal, content, business, or want to expand your established ones, you need a continuous flow of visitors, customers, and sales. The question is, how do you get them? Easy. Make them interact with Outgrow quizzes. A typical sales force’s scenario is, you look for interested people, akaContinue reading “Why Outgrow Is The #1 Platform for Interactive Calculations and Quizzes”

Management + Leadership = Motivated Teams

Managing a team could be similar to managing a band. You really do not have to be a musician to understand how a band works. However, if you look at them from afar, it seems that whatever they do is very easy. Behind the scenes, it is much more than that. Being a great leaderContinue reading “Management + Leadership = Motivated Teams”

The Importance of Having A Great Team

Employees want to be part of a great team. They want to do great things but they are still human so they have emotions, ambitions and goals of their own. For them to put those aside to focus on what you want them to do is very respectful and something that cannot be forgotten. FirstContinue reading “The Importance of Having A Great Team”

Adzooma Is the Best Tool for Streamlining your Advertising Process

For any business to be successful, it needs to share the existence of its products. This is done through the help of marketing and advertisements. Thanks to the advancements made in technology, you can promote your businesses through any channel. But getting the message across so many platforms often takes up a lot of time.Continue reading “Adzooma Is the Best Tool for Streamlining your Advertising Process”

Why Key Performance Indicators (KPI) are important to your business?

Key performance indicators (KPI) tells us the health of the business and shows us what steps are possible to make the business healthier. They complete the business cycle. As the business grows, proves their concept and customers come back, the the KPIs shows who or what is driving the business. Characteristics of KPI You canContinue reading “Why Key Performance Indicators (KPI) are important to your business?”

Why is data important and how to get data that matters.

If you are just starting out or have been running your business for a while, being mindful of the data you are capturing is essential to growing your business. Let’s discuss the ways we can capture data that matters. “It is a capital mistake to theorize before one has data.” Sherlock Holmes, A Study inContinue reading “Why is data important and how to get data that matters.”