The benefits of Automating Business Tasks

Benefits of Automation for Business Growth

22% of businesses today do not have workflow automation. If we look around we can see applications of automation everywhere.

One of the oldest forms of such a diverse topic is voicemail. A technical breakthrough about 40 years ago. Now we take voicemail for granted. However, automation in communications and interactions is now in every aspect of our lives. Starting from leads to follow ups, and every level of communication in between. Today, automation is a mandatory business requirement. 

Employees spend about 64% of their time administering tasks rather than selling. 

What to do?

You have to automate everything because there are a range of activities your business needs other than voicemail. Needing to schedule meetings, manage checklists and updating content keeps piling up.

Getting Zapped!

In order to accommodate the process of automation, the most preferred tool today is Zapier. It’s a remarkable tool developed many years ago. The development and growth of Zapier is credited to the limitless ways their platforms can be integrated. It can connect more than 2000 applications at a time and more are being added every day.

With a little patience, it’s easy to understand how to make the connections. No prior knowledge of coding to make connections. All you have to do is learn how to do it perfectly one time, and Zapier will handle the rest.

Your work can be easily taken out from a busy work routine with Zapier. It will completely automate the tasks that don’t need much attention. Therefore, you will have more time to focus on other important issues. 

No reason to build tailored applications anymore

Advances in technology happen every second somewhere around the world. There is evidently, no business requirements that cannot be automated.

There is no excuse

The business environment today is extremely volatile. Changes in customer taste and preference happens in split seconds. This is why saving as much time as possible for you and your team is important.

Start Simple

Focus on a business activity that is simple. Immediately it will give you a feeling of satisfaction. Slowly, you will begin to realize that it’ll become something of a habit. You won’t rest until you have all your tedious tasks automated.

It’s like being the pilot of an airplane. You just keep clicking buttons that enable autopilot everywhere. 

The change can often be frightening and ominous at the beginning. You may think it is incomprehensible. As we mentioned earlier, a little time and patience will get you there. 

How is Automation Helpful?

Automation has extensive advantages, both above and under the hood. Let’s look at some reasons why you’d want to automate everything. 

1. Reduced Operational Costs

Profitability is very difficult for businesses today. With intense pressure on businesses today to increase security and profitability, businesses are minimizing operational costs.

Software tasks you automate are always better because its set to a specific list of tasks to get the job done. Automation can be used to increase the level of services available to your customer and reduce costs at the same time.  

2. Increased Competitiveness

Reduced cycle times and cost per unit will improve quality. Therefore, it will amplify your global competitiveness. Being more profitable and reducing lead time from production to delivery. This means you will also be able to respond to market changes in split seconds. Tasks can be restructured to exceed the competitiveness of your rivals with a few tweaks here and there. 

3. Eliminates Need for Outsourcing

Automation packs a punch when you need additional capacity. Human output can be scaled up for higher production or higher quantity amounts for any task, but it has its limits. This is why some specialized shops are able to be extremely efficient instead of outsourcing them to third party vendors.

Final Thoughts

From the most complex operation to the simplest of tasks, automation is the answer. People even took their dogs out for a walk using a drone in the 2020 pandemic!

As you can see, there’s no real viable excuse not to automate everything. Your time is extremely valuable. The last thing you want to do is jump back and forth between apps to complete the tedious tasks.

Once you automate the first task it immediately creates a rewarding feeling. This quickly becomes an addicting habit. To the point of autopilot and now your spending all your time doing the things you want to do.

Do you want to talk more about automating everything in your business? Then shoot me a message and we will get working on boosting your business into the automation world!