My Passion for growing Businesses

I started my first business in 2010 with a small pick up truck, a handheld tool box, $100 to my name and a desire to succeed.

I continued to build the business into a brick and mortar shop with $500K sales per year.

✔️The customers loved me.
✔️The employees loved me.
✔️The vendors loved me.

So then why did I walk away?

I no longer enjoyed what I was doing.😢

The bicycle industry is evolving away from supporting brick and mortar shops. The margins on bicycle products is growing more disproportionate year after year. Currently, anyone can buy any bicycle product they want for less than a brick and mortar dealer can purchase the same product for resale. This was the signal to pivot.

So with my passion for growing this business, I was able to separate my love for bikes from the reality of that dying business model.

So what did I do? 🤔

I went back to the drawing board and found out what really got me up in the morning:

❤️I love organizing businesses.

❤️I love creating a unique brand.

❤️I love motivating people.

❤️I love studying the customer journey.

💡That’s when the light bulb went off!💡

Build a new business to help other businesses focus on their customer journey!

I focus on the customer journey because the creativity behind each journey is a fascinating experience within any business.

I found out quickly that helping other entrepreneurs grow their businesses is my true passion.

Now I love what I do! 😍

After twenty years collaborating with many different businesses, I’m currently on a mission to accelerate and fast track the growth of small businesses by focusing on the customer journey!

I love giving back to my community!

When I am not working on client projects or playing with my kids, I enjoy helping young entrepreneurs become successful. This fall semester I teamed up with two innovate companies at the REC Innovation Lab at Miramar Community College. It’s the passion they have for their businesses which fuels my love for helping them grow as entrepreneurs.

Now that you know more about me, I would love to learn about you!

Send me an email so we can get the conversation started!