Not all customers are right

I will argue this all the way to my grave. This is a very great topic that comes up often in all industries and all sizes of businesses. And the slogan goes “all customers are right”. I believe that is a lie.

I’ll tell you why. Each business is important and valuable to the customer in a certain way. But they all do something in common which is how they can produce a product or service competitively. Now, when a customer makes a request that is not in line with the businesses processes, intentions or goals it is important for the business to catch these red flags and stay true to who they are and not cave into the customer’s unruly demands. It is ok to be stern with the customer. If not, it ends up being a snowball effect.

If the customer can take advantage of you then it’s going to take advantage of another company. It’s kind of like the idea of a standardized mindset between all businesses and all industries to stand up for what they believe in and don’t devalue their company by getting walked on by the customer. For one, you did not start that business to have that experience. And two, you started a business so you don’t have to listen to a boss.

So guess what? You’re the boss, and you have every right to fire that customer. It is okay to fire a customer. You’ll find that in the long run you are much happier. Your customers will respect you more and you will only deal with ones who respect you and your team. As a result, your customer base will be full of people who value your company and create profits you thought were not possible while firing customers.

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