Why focus on KPIs? They tell us the health of the business and shows us what steps are possible to make the business healthier.

Key performance indicators (KPIs) complete the business cycle. As the business grows, proves their concept and customers come back, the the KPIs shows who (or what) is driving the business.

When a business is small the owner will know who and what their KPIs are because they can think of those clients or products off top of their head. As the business starts to grow into a team the owner is not doing everything anymore, and those key indicators may be forgotten. It’s important to focus time on who and what these indicators are so we capitalize on them.

At this period of the business life when the spreadsheets grow and grow. The business may have 10 different platforms to manage just to find their KPIs. Piecing the puzzle together may work for a little while, but what happens when the business now has multiple warehouses and teams in different zip codes? It’s at this point the business needs to find better tools.

Today there are many platforms for businesses to create beautiful visualizations of their numbers in one clean dashboard. The downside is these business intelligence tools are expensive and intricate software platforms which requires a certificate to manage the software. I knew there had to be a better way.

That is when I found Amazon’s HoneyCode and Google’s App engine which both can streamline this process in a fraction of the time. I am amazed with these platforms and what it can deliver in minimal time and minimal effort at a very affordable price.

If you are interested, let’s talk more about how I can implement a business intelligence tool into your business!

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