20/20 Vision

It’s those special moments in a random day, on a random hour, in a random place, when you think about a special vision which empowers you to make it reality. It’s these visions that has brought humankind to where we are today. As we act on these visions and put them into practice we in turn create innovation. This is the most empowering feature as a human being.

I love to think big. You must think about all possibilities and revenue streams. Most of the time it is just a passing thought, but its these visions you must entertain because it only takes one vision to create a gold mine.

There is no future without vision.

How does vision happen? Vision happens when you have ideas in the middle of the night or just talking to a friend or putting a puzzle together with your child. Visions happen all around us. It’s the idea of a dream and getting it down on paper before it disappears into thin air.

I love to think outside the box. When you think outside the box you can think about new ideas that have never been done before. Acting on a vision is very empowering. Creating something from nothing is the most fascinating thing you can do in life. We as humans have the power to truly do anything we want as long as we take that vision and break it down into a realistic approach so we can bring it to market. That’s the most fascinating thing about the vision. Anybody can do it and everybody has the skills to achieve the impossible.

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