Keep building, but keep it organized

You got that bucket list written down somewhere, right? Well lets break that out and cross something off. Think I’m crazy?… well, I can’t argue with that…. so then let’s make small moves. I need motivation sometimes too.

Its the low hanging fruit we all love so much making those hard to reach places that much more dusty.

Lets imagine that one thing you want to build. (This is my favorite part.) All the possibilities are endless. Before you know it you are stuck on a small detail in your head and all the other awesome ideas you had just had went right out the window and you say… “I wish I wrote all that other stuff down”. Then it turns into web page after web page, and video after video learning all I need to know to breathe the life into your imagination. Within a few days of research you are all ready for lift off with a bunch of nails and no hammer….wait?… what did you say?

No one wants to be caught with their pants down so what do we do to organize that project to make it reality?

Well, these days there are many ways to keep life organized. Here are some simple apps you can use to keep your life organized.

My personal favorite is Google Keep. This is a great app to get your feet wet. It is very easy to create simple reminder notes for yourself. You can group them together in folders. For example, you can have notes for work separate from your notes for home improvements. It can do much more than that by setting alarms for each note, color coordinating notes, adding voice and pics to the note, and my most favorite of all the features… it is wrapped into the google platform so it will sync with your email and calendar. All of this for free!

Although, if you find yourself searching around Google Keep for notes because you have so many, you may be in need for the next level of organizing. So I would recommend trying out a kanban board app.

If you never heard of a kanban board you are in for a treat. It is a way to visualize your plan and execute it. Most kanban boards are full of 100’s of tasks with many collaborators where each task can be narrowed down to just a few minutes if desired. Kanban boards can be also as simple as keeping all your personal and business tasks laid out for only you to see each step to be completed. So when you add up all the small tasks you can confidently prove to yourself how long the project really is going to take. This is how valuable a tool like this can be.

The Trello app is the one I like for personal use, but if you are with a team with many projects you can go for a more deluxe platform like my favorites, Asana or Monday. Although, there are so many minor differences between all the options out there its almost like you need a kanban board to choose a kanban board app! But as the saying goes, “Keep it simple stupid.” So pick one that you like because that ensures you will continue to use it.

I have used countless apps on the market for organizing work and life so if you have any questions do not hesitate to reach out and I can help you organize the organizing apps!

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