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And Automate Your
Small Business

Optimized for High-performance, 

Productivity, and Innovation

Stu Clott

Digital Integration Specialist

Boost Your Business Growth
With My Unique Approach

You're My Only Boss

I work independently to prove that I have your best interest in mind. I only use the apps you enjoy to work with.

Tailored to Small Businesses

As an entrepreneur for over 11 years, I know the challenges of small businesses and I'm uniquely equipped to solve them.

No BS. Just Results

I listen, understand and develop a strategy that works. With my no-nonsense approach, you know exactly what to expect.

Done-for-You Optimization

I’ll identify and eliminate inefficiencies across workflows, processes, and digital systems to boost your business productivity.

Just some of the amazing apps I utilize to streamline your small business operations.

I’ll make technology work for you, instead of the opposite.

I create, build, redesign and improve businesses.


It has given me a unique perspective on the importance of well-integrated systems and how to build them. 


With me, your organization gets a fully tailored digital transformation strategy that leverages your strengths, eliminates your weaknesses, and helps you dominate your competition.

Optimize Integration

Businesses lose 30% of profit to organizational inefficiencies.

I identify every source of data in your company, centralize its storage, and make it easily accessible to make better, data-driven decisions. 

Digital Strategy for Success

Digital transformation is about people, processes, and products to optimize your resources for success.

I will work with you and your team to turn opportunities into revenue-generating solutions for your business.

Unleash Potential with Automation

I align your digital infrastructure with strategic automation to get back your time.

I dive deep into your workflows to identify repetitive tasks. Then I leverage my automation skills to remove these tasks from your life. 

How it Works

My 3 Step Transformation Formula

The Assessment

I ask specific questions to quickly understand your current apps, challenges and goals.

Develop A Clear Plan

Then I analyze all the info you shared to propose a solution to solve your specific needs.

Get To Work

When we are on the same page about the new plan, I get to work. Centralizing data management, boosting transparency and driving productivity.

Why am I the best choice?

As an entrepreneur for over 11 years, I understand the challenges of small businesses – limited money, limited staff, limited resources, and a hotchpotch of apps and technologies that don’t “talk” to each other. I want to help you change that!

Wait. What do you do?

I basically look at the digital apps you are currently using and find out why you like them and dislike them. Then I strategize a way to make all your apps work for you, not against you.

Why do you work with the apps listed above?

These are just the few apps I often work with. Since I am 100% independent I don't play favorites. Which means I work with the apps you enjoy and find solutions for the ones you don't.

Are you a programmer?

No. I am a "nocoder". I create solutions without the need to write code. It's an evolving sector of the programming industry that accounts for $10 billion in yearly revenue and estimated to be $180 billion in the next decade. The rapid growth is due to the acceleration an idea can be launched, and for a fraction of the cost compared to hiring a programmer.

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